a wave of gratitude just washed over me...

It was a great day. 

A simple one - but great.

I dug out my old Windows 8 laptop because Windows 10 annoyed me so much I itched. It was fun re-connecting with that machine. 

My son-in-law made a delicious breakfast that included cinnamon bagels. We all sat around the living room and laughed.

The son-in-law took me to the market where I scored three boxes of pasta, Swad Dried Split Chickpeas, and cornmeal. Items like this are so hard to get here at this time. This week's meals will include home-made spicy, garlicky dahl, fresh cornbread, and an alfredo sauce with hot sausage over rotini. 

Just a month ago, I filled my shopping cart with any and everything without a thought. 

When this is all over - and we will get to the other side of this - I am never taking food for granted again.

Everyone enjoyed my chicken dinner with hot cinnamon rolls for dessert.

I wrote a letter, scanned and sent it to my new pen pal in Albany. She's awesome. I love her latest letter.

I chatted online with my bestie AB. Thanks for always being there!

My daughter and I planned a shopping trip for tomorrow. We're only going out for short periods for necessities otherwise we stay home.

I sat in my room and a gratitude list appeared on my mind's screen. 

After midnight I wished the young lady I consider a second daughter a Happy 36th Birthday. 

She texted me the following:

Love you too, Second Mom! Recent events have made me feel extra grateful to have loved ones like yourself in my life. Hope to see ya soon!

Joyful tears.

End scene.

Peace & Love to all.

Here's some old favorites from the Pictures folder on my old but very good laptop.


You have a great spirit and I am so HAPPY to have you in my life.

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